Here’s a quick look at some of the dishes I’ve put together over the last month or so. In this instalment you’ll see gyuudon, tofu and udon soup, chicken katsu and kakiage, my first attempt at mixed tempura and, for something a little different, a matcha (green tea) chiller weight loss affiliate program.

First up is gyuudon, also known as beef bowl. The beef for gyuudon is cooked with onions in dashi, similar to the chicken in oyakodon weight loss affiliate program. I also added ginger to the mix for some extra flavour, and the result was a very refreshing taste. weight loss affiliate program. After the beef is cooked, it’s placed on top of rice along with the dashi broth which helps bring the flavours down into the rice. Very easy, very tasty!

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Of course, being in the southern hemisphere means it’s been WInter for the last few months here, and nice hot soup is always great in colder weather. I’m pretty comfortable with making dashi-based soups now, so all that’s left is to play around with various ingredients. This one was fried tofu with udon noodles and crunchy green veges. On the right you can see my first shot at ‘regular’ mixed vegetable tempura, and as I expected it’s going to take some practice to get everything just right. Still, it turned out alright and I’ll definitely be trying again to see if I can improve.

While it’s always fun to try making new things, it’s nice to go back to more familiar recipes too. Chicken katsu is one of those; usually I make it with curry but it’s great on its own too. Even better, after my successful first attempt at kakiage I was keen to make it again and it went nicely with katsu. Above left is a matcha chiller, something I’ve been hoping to make for quite a while. I used to be able to get green tea chillers here in Perth, but they don’t seem to be so easily available any more. I managed to grab one at Starbuck’s in Japan on my trip last year, but it was only recently that I found somewhere in Perth selling matcha (a kind of powdered green tea) so that I could make a decent one at home. As you’d expect, with the right ingredients there’s really not much to it. Put some matcha (of course), ice cream, milk (I used soy milk) and some crushed ice in a blender and you’re good to go weight loss affiliate program. venus worlds. If you like green tea, give it a try sometime!